Hula Hoop Coaching

Freyja has over 15 years experience as a professional hula hooper, and is now offering personalised, one-on-one hula hoop coaching for fitness, skill development, sequencing and performance development either in person or via Skype.

Freyja trained with Yos Worth, legendary Australian hula hoop teacher and pilates expert. This technique is based in Russian technique, but refined to create clean lines, fast hoops and make you sweat! 

The basis of this coaching is in technique.  Surprisingly, hula hooping can be quite damaging to the spine over long periods of time, Freyja will teach you how to hoop with proper technique to protect your spine, build strength and maintain the technique for years to come.

Each introductory one-hour session will provide you with a personalised 30 minute drill set, designed to do every day as a warm up; some focussed skill training for individual tricks; guidance on setting and meeting goals within a time frame and a personalised body maintenance set for spine health. 

These sessions will provide you with the tools to train and improve on your own, we will develop a short list of achievable goals and when you have achieved these goals we can schedule a follow up session to re-assess and level up!


Introductory session: $150 AUD

Follow-up one hour session: $80 AUD

Follow-up half hour session: $50 AUD


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